In this work, merely you can see the photographs of  shoes, clothes  toys which were belong to a four year old boy. and  landscape images around his  apartment where he used to lived. 


  Those his belongings  were supposed be used ,  if he were growing up. Instead , they were not used by him, were hidden in the back of the  cupboard  for a long time , were not discarded nor given to another child.


 11years , they were in the place where they belong, never 

forgotten , just stay there. She knew that her beloved one is 

gone, just she could not face this fact. 

 Because if  she admits her loss , this could be as same as the end of her own life.

  In the spring of 2016, Yachiyo Enomoto, the mother , a photographer, took out  his belongings from the box , placed it in front of her camera and started taking photographs of them. Photography  as her tool ,by  using it , she thought she cold face her sad memories.  


 She have two ambivalent emotions for long time.

  She wants to his boy return to life again and get to heaven  without trouble. always.

  She thought that the photography was as a tool that could satisfy her ambivalent  desire at a some time.

(Translation support :Satoru Yoshioka)